Entering PiWars 2015

We had such a good time at PiWars last year that we’ve decided to enter again this year.  The application is in – now the nervous wait to see if we will be accepted.

In the meantime, we’ve been brainstorming approaches to the various events.  The Skittles event interests me particularly 🙂

On the hardware side, we’ve got a couple of stepper motors and a plywood baseboard screwed together as a test bed (we’d like to see if the motors are powerful and controllable enough for what we have in mind).

We’re planning to blog about it here – its going to be an interesting challenge writing about the journey without giving too much away!

PiWars 2014


On Saturday 6th December 2014, a large number of Robots and their makers descended on the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University for the first PiWars!

We were lucky enough to snag a competitor ticket for the event when applications opened in September and the race was on to build a robot to compete in all the events. Our entry was Metabot!

Hopefully over the next week or two I’ll be updating this page and detailing how we went about creating Metabot. In the meantime here’s a compilation of the best bits to whet your appetite. Metabot is the large, black, chunky wooden robot which often has a ramp attached to the front.