Arduino serial over USB problems

Our design calls for an Arduino (to allow real-time stuff like outputting steps, running control loops, etc). We’re using an Arduino Due.

We had planned to get the Raspberry Pi to talk to the Due over ‘serial over USB’ – i.e. we connect the USB port on the Due into the Pi and then send bytes to the /dev/ttyACM0 device that gets created by the OS.

This worked, but after a while (30s or so of chatter) the port would stop responding. A quick google showed that a few other people have seen similar behaviour, but no one had a solution. 🙁

Now to find a workaround…

The plan here is to get last year’s Metabot code (with as few changes as possible) working on the new robot so that we can try it out and check the performance is sufficient.  If we need new motors shipped from China, I’d like to know now rather than halfway through November!

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