Remote control

Shaun’s got remote control mode working. There are 2 remote control modes – Direct and drive-by-wire.

In direct mode, the joystick inputs are translated directly into motor speed settings.

In drive-by-wire mode, the robot maintains a model of what the user desires from the robot – e.g. the heading, speed, strafing, etc. And then applies those “set-points” through a PID controller to make the robot’s actual heading, speed, strafing match the desire.

This makes the robot more resilient to disturbances – you’ve probably seen those videos where someone kicks Boston Dynamics Atlas robot and it recovers? Its a bit like that. In our case, the disturbances are likely to come from uneven floors, loose gravel or turntables on the obstacle course, roughness in the mecanum wheel rollers, etc, etc.

Anyway, here’s Shaun driving round the kitchen in direct mode:

Our favourite use of drive-by-wire came from Tigerbot (Piwars 2018), where the “disturbance” was the turntable. The robot maintained the desired heading, no matter what was going on underneath it. Jump to about 20s in to see the good bit.

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