Motor failure

Hardware failure is a fact of life with an event like PiWars. This time one of the gun flywheel motors suddenly stopped working. Swapping the ESC from the other motor, I found that the fault stayed with the motor. Putting a multimeter on the windings, it seems that one of the phases has gone open-circuit (which suggests that a wire has snapped somewhere inside the motor).

Fortunately, I have a policy of always buying 1 more of each unique part than we actually need for the robot. That came about after we had a gearbox failure just before a previous piwars.

In this case, that policy was especially handy since these motors (EMax MT2206) have been in use since 2018 (we used them on tigerbot and wall-e), and it turns out you can no longer get them in the UK – we’d originally got them from TME in Poland, and since Brexit, TME will not sell to UK customers.

Anyway, after swapping in the spare, the nerf gun is operational again. Phew!

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