We got selected!

PiWars 2015 was so popular that they couldn’t accommodate all the teams. However, we were one of the lucky few to be chosen, so we look forward to seeing you there in December.

Now we’ve just got to build a robot ūüôā

Here’s a shot of the motor test chassis (a very fancy name for a plywood sheet!):Metabot2 Motor test chassis

We’ll be using this to determine if the motors have enough grunt for the performance we want. ¬†Initial indications are that the drivers (little polulu stepper drivers) get scarily¬†hot when driving the current that the motors need for best performance¬†– so we’ll need to figure something out or they’ll die. ¬†Either a bigger heatsink for these drivers or bigger drivers. ¬†Sadly, this also means we can’t yet tell if these motors are going to be up to the job either. ¬†Maybe we can borrow some big drivers from somewhere?

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