Soldering iron: hot; kettle: on; OpenCV… should finish compiling by PiWars 2024

After a few years where life, a non-silicon baby, and, global pandemic got in the way, the Tigerbot team has dusted off our soldering irons and put the kettle on while we compile OpenCV for PiWars 2024.

We all have our own reasons for entering PiWars:

  • Lance likes to have a pretext to build barely-legal nerf cannons.
  • Nell likes to be the only one who’s event code actually works.
  • I find myself being drawn to the low-level stuff: building boards and programming microcontrollers… Didn’t the Pi foundation release one of those of their very own? Well that discounts reusing any of our old hardware doesn’t it. We’ll have to rebuild all the fun bits around a Pico (or two) 😉

How are we getting on:

  • We’ve made some choices on theme and overall shape of the bot; we want to go back to 4 meccanum-style wheels this year since they were a lot of fun to drive on the Orange Tigerbot.
  • Lance has done a first pass at a CAD model for the bot and he’s started 3D printing. He’s planning to pull together a basic version of the bot with basic motors ASAP so Nell has something to work with.
  • Nell’s started on coding; repurposing our Golang controller code from last time and sketching some code for one of the events.
  • I’ve fallen down the motor control rabbit hole; I really like the idea of using brushless motors this year because it’s a challenge to try writing a motor controller for the Pico…

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