Firebot mechanical parts

So, while Shaun’s been working hard on the brushless motor controller, I’ve been playing with CAD, specifically Onshape.

An aside – Onshape is awesome – parametric CAD in the browser, so no need to install anything, works on all platforms that can browse the web, etc, etc. There’s even android and iphone apps so you can view models on the move (though with a small screen its a bit of a pain to make edits). I have a “free” account with Onshape, so all my models are freely available for anyone to browse/copy/etc, I’ll post the link in a later post.

We had a lot of fun last time building Wall-E, so we wanted this year’s concept to be “cute”. The overall concept chosen was a low-poly Fire Engine. And in keeping with “cute”, we’re going to base it on the 1910-1930 Leyland Cub, like this:

Acabashi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Other choices which impacted the design:

  • we wanted the robot to have a central channel to be able to store barrels. Ideally we’d be able to move 3 barrels at once in Eco Disaster event
  • we wanted to use mecanum wheels – translating in any direction is fun, and particularly handy for the Hindenburg Disaster event
  • most of the events seem to be aimed at camera/image recognition, so we need a camera.
  • we’ve seen people have problems in past PiWars with robots built to the maximum dimensions, so we’re aiming for a little smaller than those

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