Firebot mechanical parts (4)

Integrating it all!

A robot isn’t really a robot until you combine the parts together. And that’s also the point that you realise that you’ve designed the parts so that its a real pain to assemble the thing…

For example, we found that the Pi covered the holes which attach the mounting rail to the chassis. While there is an ordering which you can use to assemble the robot, once the battery, Pi and mounting rail are all in, its a massive pain if you need to get the Pi out again (for example to put a PCB Hat on it with connectors for all the things that need to plug into it). Shaun had to redesign how the mounting rail fits on the robot to be able to get it in and out easily:

Now the mounting rail screws into semi-circular blobs mounted in the old mounting holes, and we can now get the Pi in and out to work on the connector PCB:

And once you get it all together, you get to find out if it works as a whole. This is the robot performing a pre-programmed test pattern:

Next step is to get the cosmetic parts printed and on, and get to work seriously on the software. And print the attachments, debug the code, etc, etc. So much to do with just 2 weeks to go!

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