And of course with just a few days to go, we’ve had a major disaster on the robot.  This tiny gear has cracked:

And so it won’t stay on the shaft.  Sadly, its the main pinion gear of one of our motors, so we’re down a motor and we don’t have a spare. 🙁

We quickly ordered another from China (but that won’t arrive before PiWars).  We also ordered some similar looking gear motors from Ireland – hopefully that will turn up in time, and the gearboxes will be similar enough that we can either transplant the entire ‘box or just steal the pinion gear from them.  *crosses fingers*

Or we’ll have to go to PiWars with a lame robot 🙁

2 thoughts on “Disaster!”

  1. That’s a real mare at this stage of the game – did you manage to sort?

    If you ordered from eBay, I’m fairly certain I know which seller!

    If you’re totally stuck, let me know size / spec / rpm and I may have a spare I can give you.


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